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Sometimes you get an opportunity to work with a photographer who is so talented and such a wonderful free spirit that you don’t even really have to verbalize what you’ve envisioned for them to bring it into life and I have had such a wonderful time working with Laura Sponaugle for the last couple of styled photo shoots! It’s an even rarer opportunity when a behemoth of a company approaches you and asks you if you would like to photograph their unreleased collection of dresses that well, you just can’t say no…Laura and I had the distinct pleasure of working with BHLDN for this particular shoot and we just can’t wait to share a few photos with everyone!

We spent the day traipsing through Galveston with our model, Savannah, scouting locations and taking photos as we went that when we finally lost the light we couldn’t believe the day was over! The day wasn’t complete without the gorgeous floral arrangements from Holly at Flower Vibes (thank you, Holly!)…the lush greenery bouquet was everything my little heart could have dreamed of and then some!


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Melissa and Matthew met during college and started out as any good relationship does, as friends, while bonding over their mutual love of movies.

The bride and groom wanted to keep their decor elegant and simple to help play up their historical venue, Julia Ideson Library, in downtown Houston. They chose to stick to a soft color palette of ivory and white with a splash of silver mixed into their table linens and some of the floral elements.

Florist: Blush & Vine
Catering: Cafe Natalie
Hair & Make Up: Southern & Adorn’
DJ/Lighting: LG Entertainment
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Now that the whirlwind of excitement around your engagement has finally calmed down (or maybe it’s just because you’re tired of fielding all of the questions like, “have you set a date?”, “where are you getting married?”, “who are you using?” and that’s okay too!) it’s time to start looking into which wedding industry all-stars you’d like to have present on your special day.

One of the first stops after booking your venue will more than likely be to visit with a few florists and they will ask you things like how you would describe your design style, what you like vs. what you don’t like and whether or not you have brought inspiration photos for them to look at (you should always bring photos with you so that your vendors have a clear understanding of your design aesthetic)…you should be asking them a few questions too!

We have compiled a list with the top five questions that you should ask your florist prior to booking them for your event…


  1. “Is my budget realistic?”

Ah, the dreaded “b” word! We know that talking about money is usually     a big no-no/taboo but this may be one of the rare occasions where it is completely okay to talk about money…how else will your florist know if they can make it happen or not?! However, we know that a lot of times couples haven’t even set a budget by the time they begin meeting with different vendors so just as a rule of thumb most couples will allot 10%-15% of their overall budget to flowers.

Going into the consultation knowing your budget will save both you and the florist a lot of heartbreak plus you don’t want to fall in love with a super awesome vendor just to find out that they’re out of budget! If you do come across a florist that you know is “the one”, ask yourself if you are willing to slightly compromise your budget to work with someone who gets you. Heck, you could even ask the florist for their suggestions on how they could make it work…chances are, they will be flush with creative ways to make it happen!


2. “Are my favorite flowers in season?”

Some of the trendiest flowers (yes, even flowers can become trendy!) like Peonies, Ranunculus, Orchids and Lilies are not year-round flowers. I know, we’re right there with you and wish they could be affordably priced and bloom year-round but we haven’t figured out a way to make it happen yet!

Using flowers that are in season will help stretch your budget a little further but if you are absolutely set on using certain flowers (or even if you are getting married around big holidays like Valetine’s Day) just be prepared to pay a little extra. Definitely ask your florist for their suggestions on similar flowers or substitutions.


3. “How many events do you have during the weekend?”

Traditional florists will take on several events per day (sometimes up to 6-10) so it is always a good idea to ask them how many lead designers they work with and how they determine their set up teams so that you can make sure that they’re not spreading themselves too thin.

Other floral designers will not take more than one event per day so that they can be more involved and focused on the event details. If you want a more unique design/experience stay on the lookout for someone who will be able to spend more time without you throughout the planning process.


4. “Are you insured?”

Nowadays many venues will not allow uninsured vendors on to their property without proper liability insurance. It is simply a chance that they are not willing to take and frankly, you shouldn’t either. If you hire a florist who is uninsured you are running the risk of having to hire a new one (if the venue requires an insured company) which could lead to lost deposits, change of venue and/or change of event date.

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We are tickled pink to have had our “Seaside” photo shoot recently featured on Ruffled and our heads are still spinning from all of the kind words you amazing people had for us! We couldn’t have created this soft, romantic shoot without the help from these lovely ladies; Sarah McKenzie Photography, Tamara MengesBHLDN, Over the Top Linen, Edible Designs by Jessie, Meet Vanessa, Rent Some Vintage, DressFlowersCake, Kate Dulin and Sarah Joyslin!

Seaside Vintage Blog

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We have been bursting at the seams to keep our January styled photo under wraps…thankfully, we don’t have to wait any longer! We are very excited to announce that our “winter blues” photo shoot has been featured on Junebug Weddings and we still cannot say enough “thank you’s” to all of the amazing ladies we got to work alongside to make this magic happen (I totally said it)! Our vision could not have been made complete without the perfect venue thanks to Kraftsmen Baking & Cafe in the Houston Heights or the help from Over the Top Linen, Southern & Adorn’, Blush & Vine, Meet Vanessa and Dolce Designs.

Winter Blues Post

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